Thursday, March 29, 2012

a post about love, and about a blog about love

I've been reading lots about love and marriage lately. Not sure why these things keep popping up on my radar, but they have been, so I'm embracing the knowledge being showered upon me.

One of my favorite bits of advice is to hang out without other couples {double dates!}. Experts {i.e. authors I've been reading} say that you can learn a lot from your friends' relationships. Watch how they interact - do they hold hands? Are they quick to apologize to each other? Are they polite to one another? Even if they're having a not-so-wonderful night, you can learn from that, too - how not to act, perhaps. Either way, it can strengthen your relationship, and it's fun to spend time with friends!

Another thing I've learned? Appreciate the little things. And make sure your partner knows you appreciate and love them.

One of my new favorite blogs - A Blog About Love - posted on that very thing recently. It's too good not to share with you. While in the story, the author had originally written the advice as six things to always say to your spouse, I think it's applicable to your friends and maybe even yourself, too.


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