Monday, March 5, 2012

bikinis to fit any body

Spring is in the air, and in Arizona, that means summer {and bikini season} is not that far behind. 

I've struggled with finding bikinis that fit my shape - and more specifically, my bust. I envy those girls who can walk around in itty bitty string bikinis without a care in the world. I strap one of those babies on and the outcome borders on vulgar. 

Suffice it to say, while most people find bathing suit shopping difficult, I find it always unpleasant and disappointing...until now. 

Freya offers bra-sized tops! I picked up this style and am completely in love.

Ok, ok. Sure there are plenty of places that offer bra sizing, but these bathing suits from Freya offer sizes from C to GG. And they're adorable!

Find more styles here

all images via amazon.


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