Wednesday, January 18, 2012

smitten kitten | rosy chains

I've been dying for a chain link bracelet for a bit, but I haven't found one I needed - until now. This one from Bauble Bar has caught my eye. It's perfect. And it's pink!


  1. It looks like rose gold...OH how I love rose gold! My hubby gave me a watch with a chain that looks like this! One of my faves!

    p.s. that paint is by benjamin moore and its the iridescent paint (not sure the exact name) but its almost like a glaze that you paint over your painted wall to give it that shine :-) Its great isn't it?! :-) If you use it you'll have to post pictures of the finished product!

  2. It IS rose gold and your hubs is a good man!

    Thanks for letting me know about the paint. I'll definitely post some before and after photos of the project. I'm so excited!



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