Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a personalized birthday gift

My friend, Amy, is celebrating her birthday this week and I wanted to do something special to commorate her day. After a trip to Paper Source during my San Francisco excursion, I was inspired to create something personalized for Amy. She's a total girlie-girl and so stylish and creative herself, I knew her gift had to be spectacular.

I picked up some pretty paper in her favorite colors and set about embossing some cards with her initials, birds {she loves to put a bird on it} and other cute images. I absolutely love the way they turned out.


  1. This is seriously adorable. LOVE that you added the doily and ribbon!

    <3 natalie

  2. Thanks, Natalie! Such a compliment coming from you - your projects are always so gorgeous!

  3. They were so thoughtful and beautiful! I already put a few to good use :) You're a wonderful friend, thank you!!!



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