Thursday, October 27, 2011

generationally defined

I came across a great article a couple of days ago and I wanted to share it.

It's called Generation Catalano: The generation stuck between Gen X and the Millenials and it really resonated with me. I feel the same way as Doree, trying to identify wholly with Gen X and/or the Millenials and finding that neither group feels right.

It seems apropo that I would stumble upon this article, since earlier this year I wrote about my love of and excitement over finding My So-Called Life on Netflix, and feeling nostalgic for hand-written notes {instead of texts} and flannel + combat boots and awkward high school moments.

So if you're like me, stuck in a micro-generational gap the author refers to as Carter babies {those of us who were born between January 1977 and January 1981}, you'll probably find this article particularly comforting, like old episodes of ThunderCats or Jem and Holigrams. It seems we do have a place.


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