Monday, August 22, 2011

a new burger joint

On Saturday, Mark and I were running errands and stopped by a new burger place to grab a bite to eat - Coal Burger. I've been looking forward to testing out the burgers here for some time and was not disappointed.

All the burgers are cooked in a coal-fire oven and are so flavorful. I ordered the green chile burger with jalepenos and Mark chose a Coal Burger. We split an order of fries and tried the chipotle BBQ dipping sauce {which is much tastier on the burger than on fries, in my opinion}.

One of my favorite parts of our dining experience was the sparkling soda fountain - no Coke or Pepsi products here! - featuring Boyland's products {you can also pick up bottles of Boyland's sodas at World Market}. I tried the natural diet cola and Mark mixed lemonade and black cherry for a delicious and refreshing beverage combo. I highly recommend either.

The restaurant concept, by the same folks that created Grimaldi's Pizzeria, is eco-minded and they use all-natural ingredients {they even offer grass-fed beef burger patties and a vegetarian patty option, and gluten-free buns, if you like}.

Right now, Coal Burger can only be found in Arizona {there are two locations, one in Scottsdale Quarter and one in Chandler at Casa Paloma} and one in Texas, but Mark and I spoke with the manager and they are planning to expand - and quickly! Keep your eyes peeled.


  1. yum! I wish they had some in california.

    x. jill

  2. hey jill! thanks for stopping by! i hope they come to cali soon so you can try them.



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