Wednesday, August 17, 2011

aching arches


Right before my wedding, I went to get my brows done. I left with with perfectly shaped brows for my big day, and soon after began to feel a burning sensation that I've become all-too familiar with - I was beginning to lift.

Lifting is when the delicate skin beneath your eyebrow is damaged. Many times it occurs when the wax is too hot, but for me, it's because my skin is so sensitive.

I've asked my friend Diana, an amazing esthetician from Dolce Salon and Spa, to share some great info on what lifting is and how to {hopefully} avoid having it happen to you.

What does it truly mean when you're lifted?

"Lifting" is the term used when wax has exfoliated layers of skin in addition to removing hair. Skin is left raw and appears red and shiny at the surface.

How long does it last?

It is as though you've scraped a few layers of skin off of your hand, or some similar circumstance, so the wound/burn heals as any other wound would; time varies per individual.

What can you do if it happens to you?

Be gentle with the area. Avoid exfoliation, excess heat, sun exposure. Apply Vitamin A&D ointment 3+ times daily until the wound has healed. Vitamin A&D is a petroleum- and lanolin-based ointment that has vitamins A and D in it. They help protect the skin and promote healing in minor burns.

What at-home remedies work well?

A&D ointment can be found at Walgreens and other drug stores.

What can I tell my esthetician so that I can avoid being lifted?

Discuss home care with your esthetician, be sure to inform them of:
any use of exfoliants (scrubs, alpha hydroxy acids)
leave-on resurfacing treatments such as Retin-A you've used
Accutane use - you must not have used it within six months of waxing
 sun exposure, which compromises the skin's integrity and increases the possibility of lifting
excessively dry skin
over-stimulated skin (impaired barrier function), which appears as rosacea-like symptoms and is caused by incorrect home care (overly aggressive/drying products)
any recent professional treatments such as microdermabrasion, dermaplanning and peels 

Thanks, Diana! If you live in or plan on visiting Phoenix, make an appointment to see Diana. Not only will she perfectly arch your brows, but she can relax you with a back facial, clear your pores with a customized facial and so much more.

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