Thursday, July 28, 2011

smitten kitten | pinterest-ing inspiration

I'm a very visual person. I need to see something in person or on paper in order for it to make sense to me. And this fact has been made abundantly clear lately as Mark and I have been {ill-advisedly} looking for homes. {I say ill-advised because our wedding day is coming up and who really wants to add the stress of purchasing your first home together one week before you become Mr. and Mrs.? Oh, yeah. I guess we do.} He sees all the potential of a home; I need an architect to sketch something out. {And thankfully, one our dearest friends, David, is a visionary architect.}

Anyway, I have found the perfect thing to help me visualize and compile things I love - and I'm obsessed. It's called Pinterest. Have you heard of it before? It's a fun tool that can help you collect all that inspires you - whether you're looking for ideas to plan a party {or a wedding}, cool things to do with your hair, outfits to swoon over, interior design and more - onto virtual inspiration boards.

It literally will steal hours from your life, but you won't care - I promise. You will be looking at all sorts of lovely things.

One of my latest pins - my dream laundry room.

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