Wednesday, May 4, 2011


When I was growing up, there was a local bookstore that was owned by a couple who lived in my neighborhood {one of whom is now in state government}. I loved that bookstore. After earning enough money from chores, I would collect my cash, grab my frequent reader card and ride my teal blue and white bike to the Little Professor bookstore to pick out a new book.

I still remember the smell of that store...pages upon pages of printed word. The paper, the ink. Sure, there are still the megachain bookstores that carry shelves of books - a much bigger collection than what was at Little Professor - but their book-y smell is tainted by lattes and cappuccinos and baked goods. Little Professor was old school. And wonderful.

I would pick out the latest Babysitter's Club or Sweet Valley High book and quickly gobble it up.

What made me think about my favorite bookstore? Sweet Valley Confidential, of course. The book takes a look at where Elizabeth and Jessica, the two main characters, and their friends are 10 years after high school. I've read mixed reviews on the book, but I think I'll still check it out.

Full disclosure, I loved the series so much, I even had the board game.



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  3. Thanks to you both for stopping by! It's so much fun to hear from followers!



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