Monday, April 4, 2011

seasonal musts | beachy hair

Warm weather is upon us {or will be very shortly} and if you haven't been already, it's time to think about the looks that will carry you through to fall. Each day this week, you'll find my picks to perk up your spring and summer ensembles.

This season, I'll be rocking beach waves. Soft and flowy, waves can look easy and effortless but still put-together. Case in point : my hair is naturally stick straight and baby fine, but the other day I pulled out my curling iron and in less than 10 minutes had perfectly tousled waves. Looks good, right? My boss even complimented me, asking if that's the way my hair is naturally when I don't straighten it. Now, maybe it's just me, a girl who has longed for thick, gorgeous, textured strands my entire life, but this comment was akin to telling me I look like I've lost five pounds.

It's easy to do, trust me. Here's what you need...

Day-old hair and/or dry shampoo. I prefer both, since my hair loves to produce oil
I have two favorites : Bumble and Bumble {$$$} or Tresemme {$}

1.5-inch curling iron
I love Hot Tools because it heats up quickly and stays hot

Flexible hold hair spray
To me, Goldwell is the bee's knees

Now that you have the tools, here is the how-to...

1: Spritz your hair with a bit of hairspray.

2: Face your curling iron barrel-side down.

3: Open the clamp and wrap a thin piece of hair (one-half inch wide) around the barrel away from your face, keeping the end of your hair off the heat source.

4: Hold your hair without clamping it for 15-20 seconds.

5: Repeat, moving around your head. 

6: Run your fingers through your hair and finish with another spritz of hairspray.

7: Enjoy the compliments!

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