Monday, April 18, 2011

jordan catalano has a great lean...

So I've been obsessed with watching old shows on Netflix, shows like "Arrested Development," "Pushing Daisies," assorted old British comedies...but my favorite so far is "My So-Called Life."

When the show first aired back in 1994, I was 13 and in eighth grade and I loved everything about it - Angela's red hair, Rickie's guyliner, the awkwardness of it all. But mostly I loved Jordan Catalano. He may actually qualify as my first celebrity crush {and did you notice that he was never referred to as simply Jordan? He's always Jordan Catalano}.

Looking back on it now, it brings back all those middle school / early high school memories. And it also reminds me of how far technology has come. They didn't have cell phones {or even pagers!} and it definitely wasn't filmed in HD.

What was your favorite old TV show?

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