Monday, April 11, 2011

channeling jules leotard

There is some unusual "inside baseball" terminology that specific groups of people use to communicate. Most of it sounds foreign to others. In rowing, phrases like "weigh enough" and "catching a crab" don't hold a lot of meaning for people who don't find themselves in that circle.

This weekend, I added another term to my vocabulary - hep.

Yesterday, three of my friends and I tried our hand at the flying trapeze at Trapeze U in Gilbert. Yes, the one like you see in the circus. And it was amazing.

Let me preface this by saying I'm deathly afraid of heights. Get me anywhere above the second step on a ladder and I get light-headed. But I was determined to try the trapeze, so I mustered up as much courage as I could and climbed up the 20 or so steps on the one-foot-wide ladder to the two-foot-wide platform, chalked my hands and grabbed the trapeze. 

Jenny's flight was awesome, too.

After little more than an hour of taking turns climbing up the ladder and swinging, flipping and twisting, we tried some more advanced tricks. Katy practiced her catching and Skyler was busy showing us all up by doing two different tricks {here he's doing the bird's nest}.

Oh, and by the way, "hep" is circus-speak for "go." 


  1. I'm ready to go back when you want to come! Could be a fun girls' night...

  2. So fun! Totally awesome - and as a fellow afraid of heights person, I am truly impressed with your courage!



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