Tuesday, February 8, 2011

fabulous finds

One of my favorite places to find great amazing fabulous stuff for a great, sometimes unbelievable, price is at Last Chance. A division of Nordstrom - and the only one in the country - it can be really hit-or-miss {much of the stuff is used, well-worn and can be a little gross}, but every once in a while you can get a Really. Great. Hit.

I've picked up a North Face jacket, a Tahari coat and more shoes than I really care to count. But what I've really been most excited about have been the last two purchases - designer shoes.

I'd been lusting over these shoes for months and months.

And these retro pretty blush-colored satin treasures...what can I say? Love.

If you don't live in the Valley, make sure you stop by Last Chance the next time you're in town. Just be sure to bring some patience, a keen eye, quick reflexes and hand sanitizer.

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