Monday, December 13, 2010

when it rains...

Do you ever notice how tough things happen in clusters? Threes, fours, fives...

This past week has been rough for me, but there are some really wonderful things that kept my spirits up.

Of course, it's Christmastime, and you can't really be too sad when there's so much cheer around. And if you're feeling really down, donate time, money or in my case, socks and blankets, to those who don't have as much as you do. It helps give some perspective.

~via here~
Let me know if you have any used {and clean!} or new blankets and new socks you'd like to donate. I'm working part-time as an elf for a special secret santa who will be donating these items to the homeless around town.

Another thing that keeps me sane? One word - kids. From the gummy, two-toothed smile of my little V or the big bear hugs from my two little nephews, they always make me forget about what was bothering me.

~check out the heels~

Each one on their own is great, but put them together, and the combo just can't be beat. I'm talking about being active with friends. Endorphins + catching up? Yes, please!

Going hand-in-hand with spending time with my urban family is spending time with my blood family. My parents and grandparents are the only family I have here in the desert, but I never want for family togetherness. My dad can fix anything and my mom always helps me put things into perspective.

What helps get you through the rough spots?

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