Tuesday, November 2, 2010

outfitted | west side story

Remember when I told you of my insane jealousy of my friend's upcoming trip to New York City? Well, to add insult to serious injury, she told me she was going to see West Side Story. On Broadway.

On the bright side, she did ask me to create a look for her enchanted evening. She's so darn stylish she doesn't really need my help, but I'm happy to oblige her request {or rather, I'm happy she's indulging me}.

Click for shopping info on Sarah's Evening on Broadway.  

If you have an upcoming event and are looking for some style inspiration, drop me a line at modernlovely@hotmail.com or leave me a comment with your event, location and time of year. I'd love to put something together for you.


  1. I need help with four looks. FOUR.

    One - my reading at my next residency

    Two - giving a lecture about how a scene should work

    Three - New Year's Eve

    Four - graduation night

    To keep in mind: I would like to incorporate these shoes into at least two. I am very poor.


  2. You got it! Great shoes, by the way.



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