Thursday, October 28, 2010

table for one, please

Two days after Mark asked me to marry him, he was off for a contract gig in Virginia and I have been alone ever since.

In honor of my semi-independence, I've compiled list of things to do when you're separated from your significant other for an extended period of time.

Hog the TV

Find a hobby

Learn more about yourself

Learn how to fix your car / house

Spend quality time with your family

Get rid of bugs {or in my case, scorpions} on your own

Spend oodles of time with your girlfriends

Redecorate your house

Volunteer your time

Hit the gym

But no matter what we do to entertain ourselves, Mark and I still miss each other terribly. We talk every day {thank goodness for unlimited minutes and texts, and bless you, inventors of Skype} and send each other care packages. He's scheduled to come home just after my birthday, which is the only present I could really ask for.

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