Friday, October 15, 2010

friday fantasy

I am so blessed in my life and I love where I'm at - struggles, triumphs and everything in between - but sometimes I think about the road I didn't take. You know, the alternate life I could be living if I'd chosen a different path.

So here's an ode to my dream life.

I would live here
{a few years ago, Christine and I spent my birthday in my favorite city and when we were walking to Mama's for breakfast, we passed this building. I told her I would live here one day}

~chestnut in north beach~

~an interior that is both modern and lovely~

I would brunch here with my dear friend Mari and her gorgeous baby girl

~mama's is delish~

I would row in these with this group

~pacific rowing club's boathouse~

I would ride around on this

~a sunny cruiser : nirve lahaina~

I would practice yoga here

~international orange. named after the color of paint used on the golden gate bridge~

Have a wonderful, dreamy weekend, lovelies! Make sure you take every opportunity afforded to you!


  1. oooh the dream life. :)
    guess who started watching Dexter last night...this girl! aaand i was up ALL night. mehhh so tired.

  2. I'd happily join you here in dream life. I'll just be up the street in the Marina district. We'll wear fabulous clothes and meet for drinks after our high-powered, but creatively fulfilling jobs are done. :)

  3. Yes! Let's make this happen!

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