Thursday, October 14, 2010

darkly dreaming...

I have a soft spot for a serial killer. It's true. He's murdered countless people; his family has, because of him, experiences tradegies like attempted murder, kidnapping, homicide. Only his father and his victims know the truth...

Ok, maybe millions of people know the truth.

Are you as obsessed with Dexter as I am? My best friend and her husband introduced me to Dexter over the summer and it was love at first sight. I quickly gobbled up the first four seasons - just in time for the season five premiere.

Don't have Showtime? Catch up with Dexter on Netflix; it's so worth it. And if you want to know where Dexter got his start, the series is based on novels by Jeff Lindsay.

* those awesome dexter season one and season two posters are the work of

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