Friday, September 24, 2010

working it

It's the end of the workweek and the weekend is almost here! Whether your week felt long or short, have you stopped to think about how much time you spend at work? Wait, don't calculate it - it is Friday, after all. But it's pretty safe to say that we all spend the majority of our time at work. So why not make your space as welcoming and fun as possible?

And if you love to be organized like me, it helps to have things that are more colorful than plain ol' manila.

Perfect Planner
From Bob's Your Uncle, this planner is bright, fun and broken down hourly. Not only do you get Monday through Sunday, but you also get Someday, which is essential for all those home projects you keep putting off.

a little something extra : it now comes in mini!

Writer's Block
I take lots of notes. I jot down story ideas, reminders, to-do lists, contact information. I love this big pad from Target. It's not available online, so you have to go to the store. Dangerous, I know - it's like Costco or Ikea, you always come out with something you didn't know you couldn't live without. 

It has four different layers, each one is a different color and design.

Pretty Pens
Sure, most of us use computers day-in and day-out, but that doesn't mean you can't have some old school writing utensils. And these are so fun.

Fashionable Filing
Jazz up your filing system with fancy file folders. These make me smile.

Happy weekend, lovelies!

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