Thursday, September 23, 2010

spotted : a guilty pleasure

I am a fan of "Gossip Girl." True, last season was a little lackluster, but this season starts off in Paris - and how can that be bad?

I love the fantasy (or reality, depending on the size of your trust fund); I love the fashion; I love Chuck Bass (and all the clever things they can do with his name : Basstard, Motherchucker, Bassets). And I'm not the only one who counts the show as a guilty pleasure - my future husband, Mark, watches it with me, too - just as long as it's DVR'd so it doesn't conflict with Monday Night Football.

So far, this season's fashion doesn't disappoint. From flirty dresses, Carrie-esque styling, classic pieces and daytime sparkle, I'm in love and want to fly straight to New York or Paris for shopping spree.

Spoiler alert! If "Gossip Girl" is waiting for you on your DVR, come back to this post after you've watched it. Although, I think the fashion is just too delicious not to preview!

And we can't forget the guys of "Gossip Girl" - a quick homage to my favorite...

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