Wednesday, September 8, 2010

smitten kitten | lululemon

Last week, I kicked off a regular feature : smitten kitten. Do you have a real passion for/obsession about something? Well, you're a smitten kitten for it. Cute, right? Look for it to find out exactly what I'm geeking out for!

I love lululemon. Several years ago, I was introduced to this Canadian company by a Canadian friend (appropriate, non?). We were all vacationing in cottage country in Ontario and she was lounging in the cutest pants and hoodie. She told me where to find it, and as soon as we were back outside of Toronto, I begged my future husband to drive me to the nearest location, where he treated me to a pair of pants (they came in a length that actually fit my long legs!) and a tank. I became an instant fan.

Now that they have opened a store here, I can get my fitness fashion fix whenever I want. And I'm dying for these

~speed short~
~be still pant~

They also carry a men's line with fashionable and functional pieces for your favorite guy.

~quintessentially Canadian, eh?~
~essential v~

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