Friday, September 17, 2010

copenhagen haven

As I mentioned here, I traveled to Copenhagen a few years ago. I was so excited visit a totally new country and region. I did so much research to create my list of must-sees and must-dos. That list still exists and when I get a chance to go back, I'll make sure to check off each one (with photos!).

Until then, I can travel there on the Internet.

A few things I was most excited about checking out were the Scandinavian fashion and design. Clean, modern, personal and functional.

First up, a look at the fashion.

~the shoes, the scarf, the coat... utter perfection~
~do you think men in the U.S. will be rocking this look in winter?~
~i need to recreate this look. stat.~
~camel is the color for fall~

all images courtesy

Clean, modern lines serve as inspiration for the quintessential Scandinavian home. Let's take a tour, shall we?

~bright white kitchen~

~look at those chairs!~

~pad along the hallway to a lovely bedroom~
~bright and beautiful~
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